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Thread lock with jamming action
Polyamide patch (blue)


l1 ~ 2 to 3 x thread lead
l2 ~ 1,5 x d
  w1: coating core zone
  w2: coating including edge zone
d l1 l2 » MIN [Nm] MOUT [Nm]
      max. torque min. torque
M 3 1 to 1,5 4,5 0,43 0,1
M 4 1,5 to 2 6 0,9 0,15
M 5 1,5 to 2,5 7,5 1,0 0,2
M 6 2 to 3 9 2,0 0,5
M 8 2,5 to 4 12 4,0 1,0
M 10 3 to 4,5 15 5,0 1,5
M 12 3,5 to 5 18 7,0 2,3
M 16 4 to 6 24 10,0 4

The torque values are based on a test of a thread without preload with a nut thread 6H at room temperature. For thread lenghts l0 < l2, l2 is reduced in such a way that one to two thread turns are not coated at the end of the thread.


The polyamide patch coating is a process whereby an elastic plastic material (Polyamide) is applied to a part of thread which creates a jamming action during the tightening of a nut. The play between the bolt and nut is taken up by the Polyamide thus ensuring maximum surface contact between the uncoated thread areas. This process counteracts the loosening and unscrewing.

There is no setting time required. The thread contact is instantaneous. The feather edge of the Polyamide deposit prevents breakage.

Threads with polyamide patching have unlimited stock life.


High thread locking action

Excellent for adjusting bolts.

This security aspect may be essential for certain applications of standard parts.

Stock holding of liquid glue is eliminated.

Multi use is possible whereby the jamming effect after the 5th removal is still around 50% of its original strength.

Temperature range from - 50 °C to +90 °C (short duration +120 °C)

High chemical stability.

How to order

When ordering, the code PFB has to follow the product code, i.e.

Spring loaded plunger

GN 615-M8-K-PFB

querbohrungen gn 110thread locking (gluing) micro encapsulation precote (red) mvk